A Language Learning Game

A Language Learning Visual Novel – Immerse yourself in a world with intriguing characters from different corners of the globe, each with their own story and culture.

BREAKTHROUGH is a visual novel game designed for intermediate language learners to improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Break through the language learning plateau and expand your lexicon.


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese


  • Vocab Mode: Build your vocabulary through the Vocab Mode, by matching the vocabulary to the definition.
  • Story Mode: Read original stories in the language of your choice, with each word’s definition available at a single click. You also have access to the full translations for maximum contextual understanding.
  • Deck Building: Collect vocabulary flash cards as you play the game. Add cards to your deck, and train yourself in Free Mode to expand your vocabulary.
  • Daily Tasks: Earn credits by completing daily tasks, and use your credits to unlock images, soundtracks, and more.
  • Cultural Connection: Through BREAKTHROUGH, we will explore the stories of many different characters and cultures, all while learning improving your foreign language skills.