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Concept Prototype

Growing up in the U.S., I was taught history from the U.S. perspective; amongst others, that the Cuban revolution was an unfortunate event for the Cuban people. When I was 27, I visited Cuba for the first time in my life. When I visited the Cuban Revolutionary Museum, I learned history from a very different perspective—about the poor condition of Cuba and special operation attempts by the CIA.

I felt shocked and humbled—that there were stories from the other perspective that I didn’t know about, had never thought about, and need to learn about.

As I travelled more and saw more cultures and human interactions, I can’t help to think how some conflicts can be reduced if we simple learned more about the other side’s stories. I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel to and learn in different countries (backpacking, staying at cheap hostels, and working remotely), but not everyone has such opportunity or “recklessness” that I had.

So, I thought, let’s create virtual museum games where we can bring easily accessible worldly perspectives to everyone! I believe this project will help to create a share experience for many of us, who in turn can pass on to others. I hope our museums can make a positive different, no matter how small, in our history.

Cuban Revolutionary Museum, Havana, Cuba – visited in 2018

Create a history museum for every country. An ambitious goal, but we want to shot for the moon.
Tell the history from the native perspective. We want to present history as it is told; we leave to our players to formulate their own the judgments.
Make a fun experience for our Players! At the end of the day, we are game developers and we make games.

This museum is a huge project. Here is how you can help:
— Volunteer as a history and content researcher
— Keep us in mind, if you know any organization that would like sponsor a program similar to ours, please let us know!

Game in Development — Stay in Tuned:

This is a huge project – please stay in toned